The best game for dinner parties singles couples groups and friends

Life is all about connection. It’s about relating to other people and being related to. All of that relating calls for communication, asking the right questions, listening and getting to the heart of the matter.


The Do Tell for Grown-Ups gets people to connect in ways that games usually do not. It does so by asking ingeniously designed questions.

Do Tell for Couples

The cards are brilliant at getting players to open up, to talk and to delve into conversations that help them get to know each other better than they did before the game started. They also help players to be silly, let go, step on the wild side and share a good belly laugh.


This game is perfect for couples, dinner parties and friends. It would be great for a host or hostess gift, wedding shower gift, college students, roommates, singles.


This is the communication game that builds relationships. Do Tell for Grown-Ups will draw you in and keep you intrigued from beginning to end…by connecting you to other people. You'll find it to be uproariously fun, insightful, and often intimate. It will keep you curious, interested, engaged—and rolling in the aisles. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

The communication game that builds relationships

  • Want to host a unique and successful dinner party?
  • Get some single friends together to connect and get to know one another?
  • Spend quality time with other couples laughing and learning about each other?

Great couples relationship game Do TellOne of the great features of
Do Tell for Grown-Ups is that
it is two games in one.


This version comes with a Bonus deck of Spicy Risk cards which cover topics outside the box.


The “PG” version has 300 cards. For a more mature crowd, you can play the “R” rated version by adding the Risk Spicy cards (25 of them). Trust us, this will give you a much more risqué game! The choice is yours.





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Humor games that build relationships are also relationship building marriage games.

The best Dinner Party games are usually great icebreaker games too. But there is one game that is an intelligent questions games and a thinking game with “Do” and "Tell" cards asking you to act out an incident/feeling/experience/scene. Now this is one of the best communications games out there for parties, couples, fun building, and relationship building.

Give the housewarming gift which keeps on warming, building marriage, relationships and family connection

Wedding gift, wedding shower, this tool for relationship building is also a great party game or icebreaker game for house parties. The perfect hostess gift it will be the most fun dinner party game you’ve ever played. And at the end of the evening you will all have shared playing this questions game with “Do” cards. Connection is a mix of having the space to share, and an audience wanting to share with you, and a really fun relationship building game.

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