Do Tell for Grown Ups 16+ Version Contains
Five (5) decks of Cards

This version of Do Tell is especially versatile because you can play it with your family or you can add in the Risk Spicy cards for an adult version. The choice is yours. Includes 300 cards with 400 tasks or questions for the whole family to play. In addition, you will find 25 RISK SPICY cards packaged separately, that contain Mature content guaranteed to heat things up! Since your responses depend somewhat on the people around you, you don't ever feel like you've run out of things to say if you run into the same card twice.

DO cards ask you to step into the spotlight and demonstrate your hidden and not-so-hidden talents.If the token lands on any star, the player draws a DO card. The player is challenged to perform an action in front of the group.

TELL cards explore what’s percolating under the surface — with questions that cover anything and everything from family to fun. If the token lands on any spiral, the player draws a TELL card. The player is challenged to reveal something of themselves to the group.

RISK cards invite you to divulge your attitudes to charged topics. If the token lands on any lightening bolt, the player draws a RISK card. The player dares to divulge thoughts or attitudes towards more controversial topics.

WILD cards shake up the game play. If the token lands on any tornado, the player draws a WILD card and does what it says.

SPICY cards are RISK cards with SPICY content. SPICY cards heat things up a bit, as they contain mature content designed for a mature audience. You choose whether to use them or not. They are clearly marked on the front so they can be removed easily for appropriate play.