Do Tell Family Version & Do Tell for Grown-ups are the best Thinking Games

Adults like thinking games. In fact, kids like thinking games too. Do Tell offers grown-ups and kids alike the opportunity to share their thinking and feeling with other players in a safe space. This beauty of this game is that players are enraptured by how others answer their cards.

While researching thinking games, I found an interesting blog article about thinking games, see below:

"Giving children the means to think creatively not only benefits them now, but in the future as well. For instance, children who have creative thinking skills are more motivated and have higher levels of self-esteem, according to the Teaching Thinking website. Creative thinking, or developing and expanding on ideas and questions using innovation and imagination, is also good for when they grow up; their ability to think creatively and have flexibility in thought will set them apart from other job candidates. You can foster these abilities in children by initiating certain games that have been touted as encouraging creative thought..."

Do Tell games encourage creative thinking and imagination and that's what sets our games apart. It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone needs their brains to be stimulated. And we've found a way to do that and to have fun at the same time.

So have fun, think away, and don't forget to play!