Do Tell Family Version & Do Tell for Grown-ups are the best therapy tools for teenagers, adults, families, and couples.

Therapists are always looking for ways to enhance their practice and help their clients. Finding the right therapy tool can add great value to the work a therapist provides.

We have created two different games that add tremendous insight and value in self- examination. Both games were designed to be positive influences and bring out the best in everyone. These games offer players the opportunity to share who they are in a safe environment and then to listen to others’ experiences.

The skillful therapist can facilitate a game between peers, (whether they are adults, teens or kids), groups and families to increase awareness, love and connection between the players.

Do Tell can be effectively used with runaways, in teen and adult drug and alcohol rehab facilities, for child and adolescent therapy as well as family therapy. Any group will benefit because this game builds relationships in a natural, organic way. That's why we know this is a great therapy tool for therapists.

Our mission is to create products that use fun, humor and interaction to help people connect – to see and share in new ways, express themselves more easily and creatively, to bring greater depth to their knowledge of one another – and ultimately to feel more joy.

Therapists can add another stream of income to your practice by purchasing games and reselling them to your client. You can give them homework, or play-work, by having them take a game home and play it. When they come in the next week they can tell you what they learned. This will continue to expand on their relationships outside of the counseling office.

Get your copies of Do Tell today and see what happens with your clientele. We think you’ll be very happy, and your clients will too.