Do Tell for Grown-ups and Do Tell for Families are the best social communication games

Internet social networking is expanding like crazy. Do you ever wonder if you are "networking without content," that you are speaking on your Facebook sites and nobody is really listening? We created a social networking tool that's unique - you actually get to see and talk to the person while you're networking. What a novel idea!

Wow - something new... talking in person. Text is great, but actually taking time to be-together is something special. Do Tell creates a space for sharing and connecting with the lives and values of your fellow roommates, friends, sorority members and fraternity members. Or use it to get to know new roommates, neighbors, friends, mates, family, possible lovers and more. Do Tell for Grown-Ups prompts you to talk, process and understand what makes you, and other people tick.

Do Tell is the perfect tool to help people connect with each other.

We’re a game company that creates games that have meaning, change lives and is a lot of fun. The Do and Tell cards provide the impetus for people to show and tell things about themselves in fun and unique ways. You could call us a thinking game, a doing game or simply a really fun game. Whatever you call us, just play the games.

Do Tell sets the space for endless hours of good times and deep connection with each other. Show who you are, with and without words and have a blast doing it! This may be the new definition of social communication.