Do Tell for Grown-ups is the best Marriage Building game

There are many different ways of deepening your relationship with your spouse. You can go online and find marriage building exercises by the dozens. You can go to classes, take workshops or work with a marriage counselor. Depending on your need, any of these can be good choices.

But what if marriage building was something you could do in the privacy of your own home? What if it was fun? What if you could even include some of your own married friends to participate in it as well?

We have created a game that does just that. It is a tool that enhances communication, and therefore, intimacy. Do Tell has interesting and thought-provoking questions that people in long-term relationships often don’t ask themselves. Many of the cards will get you to think about, and experience, things you haven't considered before.

Do Tell will also tickle your funny bone. You’ll be asked to do fun, creative and sometimes kooky things, and you’ll have fun getting out of your normal routine to experience something new. Laughter goes a long way in marriage building and you’ll find yourself laughing your head off when you play.

Marriage problems usually occur due to communication issues. Men and women speak in a different language, just read, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” by John Gray.

This game will definately enhance communication between you and your mate. It will give you a one of a kind opportunity to better understand your spouse’s perspectives on a wide range of important topics such as personal values, ethical dilemmas and many other life issues.

Playing this game with other couples brings a different, and welcome, view of relationships. You’ll get to hear others’ answers and see their creative, honest and heart felt responses to the cards. You may realize that you’re not the only one with “that issue” and you may learn how others deal with different situations in a unique, fun and doable way.  

Offering just the right mix of laugh out loud fun, lively action and thought-provoking questions, Do Tell adds a whole new dimension to relationships.