Do Tell Family Version & Do Tell for Grown-ups are the best group therapy games and tools.

It’s a big job for therapists to help people who come for group therapy.

Group therapy includes many different kinds of people needing help. Group therapy is used to assist alcoholics, substance abuse, co-dependence, family therapy and teen runaways. All therapy groups are created to help individuals grow emotionally and to solve personal problems. These groups utilize the power of the group as well as the therapist who leads it.

Group therapy offers multiple relationships to assist the individual in growth and problem solving. Playing thinking games and innovative games gives patients new and creative ways to think about themselves.

All patients come into therapy hoping to decrease their suffering and improve their lives. Because each member in a therapy group is inevitably at a different point on the coping continuum and grows at a different rate, watching others cope with and overcome similar problems successfully instills hope and inspiration. New members or those in despair may be particularly encouraged by others' positive outcomes.

Having tools to assist the process can be of great value. And having fun learning about oneself and others is a huge benefit. You may find that our Do Tell games are the best group therapy tool you'll find.

We have two games that make great group therapy games. One is for grown-ups 16+ and the other is for families. If you’re a therapist who leads any groups, our games could be a great match for you.