A letter to Potential Investors

Do Tell is presently self-financed from its own operations. Do Tell Enterprises is not a publicly traded company nor are there shares available for purchase.

We are presently in a growth mode and are launching several new titles in new areas. To help finance the new product creation and first run production costs we are accepting Angel Investor loans on three year payback terms with interest.

We do have Angel Investors who are familiar with Do Tell and feel that Do Tell line of Relationship games is a way to help make the world a better place starting with the people who live in it.

If you or your family has played Do Tell and feel like you would like to be part of a growing movement to bring more of Do Tell to the world, we would love to share mutual visions for a better connected world through better relationships.

For a personal meeting and to learn more of our plans and how you may help, please contact us directly at:

Kathy Jacobson or Geoff LaPlace at (888) 424-4430

...or use the web form below:

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