I believe the Do Tell series of games are what we need right now to get our lives, friends, and relationships back to the days of our youth when all we had to do was play and be human.

Do Tell may be "the method that works" to get people connecting with each other ...again!

The Do Tell games both create and foster updating relationships with other people, other players, ...and maybe even yourself.

Play Do Tell and write me of your own experiences.


Geoffrey LaPlace pursues his ongoing interest in relationships and connections by being part of the Do Tell Creation Team and the Do Tell Operations Team. His experience in business management, wholesale/retail distribution, accounting, marketing on the web, and business development is perfectly tempered by his talents in Art creation, Dance, and Community Health.

Geoff says "People are people. We all have something of interest to share. Do Tell creates a socially safe play space to let it happen; the stage where all people can "Do and Tell" and in the process be acknowledged for who we are. I enjoy bringing Do Tell into the hands of more and more people every month. Playing Do Tell with singles, families, and at parties is one of the more human experiences I can have. ”

Personally, Geoff LaPlace believes in giving back to the community. He is now in his fourth year of serving the community as a volunteer staff member at the original Haight Ashbury Free Clinic in San Francisco. He is also associated with other Performance Art groups, notably iKatun of Boston, Dance Studio Barefoot Boogie, and his friends in the Navy battleship reunion group Sproston 577. A listing of his projects may be found at BlueskyOpenroad. When not in the Do Tell offices, he can be found in his own design studio, at the ocean, or riding along the ocean cliffs and mountain ridges of this amazing countryside.