Latest Breaking News!

May 2009: Family Version (ages 8+) play testing completed. Arrival in stores before the holidays. Contact us for sales information

April 2009: Version 2 released with more content and versatility. It becomes two games in one: PG version has 300 cards. Add 25 more Spicy cards (R rated) for an adult game. Includes new custom playing pieces, New Retail Store friendly packaging. Contact us for sales information

March 2009: Karen Waxman joins Do Tell to lead sales into the Retail Malls and Gift Shop chains and catalogs. Contact us for sales information

February 2009: Kathy Jacobson speaks at City College San Francisco as part of Do Tell's Mission statement to Serve the Community

December 2008: Record breaking December sales on

August 2008: Do Tell Enterprises company receives Amazon 5 Star Vendor rating for quality assurance, returns, and customer satisfaction.

July 2008: Do Tell the Relationship game receives Five Star Game Review Overall Rating for satisfaction with the Do Tell Game

June 2008: Do Tell exhibits at the International Toy and Game Conference held at Foxwoods Resort and Casino

June 2008: Do Tell Enterprises accepted by for distribution of Do Tell the Relationship game with fullfilment by and qualified for Free Shipping