Ice Breaker relationship games for College Students

Girls love to talk, process and understand what makes other people tick.

Students play Do Tell as a qet aquainted game

They also love to have fun.

Guys like this game - Tell cards gives them a chance to verbalize and Do Cards give them a chance to perform in a non-judgemental space.

The Do Tell game creates the space for all of these to simultaneously happen.

New game helps students get to know each other - great gift for new students

The Do cards put you into the spotlight to show your hidden and not-so-hidden talents. Here are a few examples: “Pretend to be bald and try to hide it,” or “Demonstrate the weirdest position you’ve ever been in,” and “Ask for something non-verbally.”

The Tell cards ask players to answer unique thought provoking questions about life, feelings, experiences and observations. Do Tell is not a trivia, memory or history question game. It’s a fun way to help you explore who you are in the world today.

Do Tell magically blends all of these cards, thus creating a new, interactive and creative experience every time it’s played.

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Although this game is primarily bought by women, they do have a way of getting the guys to participate. As seen in videos on our website, the guys have a lot of fun too.

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